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MICROBLADING Training Course

Course Description

Microblding is a latest and improved technique is used in making hair strokes for eyebrows.
Taking this training course, you'll get to know all the tools and supplies that are used for Nano-Blading procedure.  
You'll learn how to design & map beautiful eyebrows for to the procedure.  You'll be practicing on latex how to properly create hair strokes on skin using a PMU machine.

You'll also learn about health constraints, aesthetics, hygiene, sanitization, client consultations, care before and after each treatment and much more.

Number Models: 2

Note: Once you sign up and pay deposit for the class, your instructor will contact you to set up training schedule.

When will you receive your Certification?


After 3 days of hand-on practicing and learning theory in class

  • If your works on practice materials are good, you will be scheduled to work on your first model along with the instructor. 

  • If your first model session goes well, you’ll be scheduled to work on your second model.

  • If your second model session goes well, you are able to complete your model’s brow beautiful all by yourself, then you will be receiving your Certification of Completion.

  • However, if you are NOT able to complete your second model session independently without much help from the instructor, you will have to do more practice until you are ready, then you will have to work on another model. 

  • You’ll get your Certification of Completion when you are able to perform the whole brow procedure all by yourself properly and beautiful.

       Training Kit

  • Carry Case

  • 1 Folder

  • 5 latex practice sheets

  • 3 pigment bottles

  • 10 Microblading blades

  • 5 Microblading holder pens

  • 1 Numbing cream

  • 1 Pre-inked mapping string

  • Compass Ruler

  • Digital Caliber

  • Black mapping pencil

  • 10 Pigment rings

  • 1 tattoo wrap grip cover

  • 5 After inked tattoo moisturizer & aftercare lotion packs

  • 1 Writing pencil

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