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ADVANCED lip Blushing Training Course


What is Advanced Lip Blushing?

Explore the art of lip pigmentation at an advanced level with our specialized Advanced Lip Blushing Training Course. This high-level program is tailored exclusively for experienced lip blushing artists seeking a deeper understanding of color theory and specialized techniques for dark lip treatments. Elevate your expertise in lip pigmentation and refine your skills in this enriching course

What will you be learning in this class?

In these intensive 2 days hand-on class, you will:

  •  Mastering Color Theory 

  • Specialized Techniques for Dark Lip Treatments

  • Fine-tuning Techniques for Precision

  • Lip Contouring and Shaping

  • Final Assessment and Certification

  • Have on-going technical supports

When will you receive your Certification?

After 2 days of hand-on practicing and learning theory in class

  • If your works on practice materials are good, you will be scheduled to work on your first model along with the instructor. 

  • If your first model session goes well, you’ll be scheduled to work on your second model.

  • If your second model session goes well, you are able to complete your model’s lip beautiful all by yourself, then you will be receiving your Certification of Completion.

  • However, if you are NOT able to complete your second model session independently without much help from the instructor, you will have to do more practice until you are ready, then you will have to work on another model. 

  • You’ll get your Certification of Completion when you are able to perform the whole lip procedure all by yourself properly and beautiful.


  • 1 Folder

  • 5 latex practice sheets

  • 2 pigment bottles

  • 10 Pigment rings

  • 1 Writing pencil

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