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Welcome to TRACY V  
Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy

One of the leading schools of its kind

Turn Your Passion Into A Career

The TRACYV Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy offers extensive PMU training programs in DFW in TX. Receive the most direct experience so you can start your career as a permanent makeup artist.


At the TRACYV Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy, we pride ourselves on providing advanced classes to teach you how to become a top permanent makeup artist and microblading professional.  Our hands-on training gives you the skills, experience, and confidence you need to begin your PMU career. Our flexible classes are kept small to ensure every student receives one-on-one attention from our expert instructors.


Upon completing our PMU training program, you will earn your Permanent Makeup Artist Certification from TRACYV Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy.  Enjoy working in a field you love, creating your own schedule, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Why choose TracyV for your training?

  • Learn how to expertly apply permanent makeup, including eyeliner, lips, and brows.

  • Our small classes sizes mean more individualized attention with the instructor. ​

  • We offer flexible programs that work around your schedule.

  • Your training is customized depending on your personal needs, requirements, and skillet.

  • The TRACYV Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy is fully licensed and insured.

  • Students utilize our private studio to practice on models.

  • Become a certified PMU upon completion. Start working as a PMU immediately.

  • We offer on-going support for our students before, during, and after the program. 

To start your career as a PMU Artist, sign up for the TRACYV Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy today.

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